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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. High speed rail is environmentally unjust? That last claim, equally as absurd as the other three given to us by George Orwell, is the latest attempt by high speed rail critics to undermine the project by claiming that it violates the principles of environmental justice: But […]

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Earlier this summer the price of a barrel of crude oil hit a record $147. Since then the price has declined dramatically to about $64. Gas prices here in Monterey have fallen from a high of about $4.60 to just under $3. Some might be tempted to argue this makes alternatives to oil less necessary, […]

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It’s now official – the Sierra Club of California has voted to endorse Proposition 1A. We all knew that high speed rail would provide a major boost to California’s efforts to produce environmentally friendly, sustainable, and global warming-fighting policies, and the Sierra Club’s endorsement will help communicate that clearly to voters. From their Yes on […]

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Menlo Park and Atherton, two of the most affluent cities in the entire state, apparently believe it is their right to make decisions for the other 36 million people in California. At a study session last night in Menlo Park city officials and residents spouted off reasons why HSR was a bad idea for California […]

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