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Great news from the Public Policy Institute of California, which has a new poll out on various political issues in California. The poll shows that a clear majority of Californians continue to support high speed rail: Today, when read a description of the system and its $68 billion price tag, 53 percent favor it and […]

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In the 1930s, California legislators of both parties came together to work to end the Depression by putting people back to work building infrastructure that provided lasting value. They weren’t cowed into submission by costs or financial concerns. They did what was necessary and what was right to solve the crisis and build a better […]

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So the latest Field Poll is out and it does not provide comforting numbers for the high speed rail project. But before we look at the numbers, we need to look at how the question is asked. Field is the gold standard of public opinion research in California, and their numbers usually turn out right. […]

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Maybe the problem isn’t the American political system at all. Maybe it’s just that HSR critics refuse to listen to what the people are telling them. In November 2008, California voters approved $10 billion in funding for our high speed rail system. In April 2010, a poll revealed 77% of respondents on the Peninsula supported […]

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