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Over at the Press-Enterprise, Dug Begley provides a very thorough overview of the three proposed Las Vegas to Southern California HSR systems: • DesertXpress, a steel-wheel HSR train running initially from Vegas to Victorville with a later extension to Palmdale and a transfer to the CA HSR system • Maglev, which would theoretically run from […]

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Somehow, almost out of nowhere, the Las Vegas to Southern California route has become one of the most popular locations for proposed high speed rail service. With four different proposals now in the mix (maglev, DesertXpress, “X Train,” and a 4th discussed below), it would seem a clear sign that the business sector understands there […]

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by Rafael Since the previous open thread attracted so many comments, here’s a fresh one to make it easier to follow the topics of discussion. Fresh HSR news from around the world: In China, the new Wuhan-Guangzhou HSR line has begun commercial service to great fanfare (photo gallery). The 1069km (668mi) line is exceptional in […]

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Last month we looked at the emerging HSR plan from a coalition of planning groups in Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Reno and Las Vegas. Yesterday this group officially launched as the Western High Speed Rail Alliance. From the press release: Included in the alliance are the following planning agencies: The Denver Regional Council of […]

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