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According to the Sacramento Bee: The latest plan for building a California bullet train system got a very conditional blessing Tuesday from a “peer review committee” of transportation experts. Will Kempton, the veteran transportation official who heads the committee, told a Senate hearing that the latest revision is “measurably improved” from previous versions. “It’s more […]

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Back in April 2010 the State Auditor released a report that was unfairly critical of the California High Speed Rail Authority. The State Auditor argued that California was uncompetitive for federal funds (as it turned out we won half of the $8 billion in HSR stimulus funds) and ignored the then-Democratic Congress’ interest in finding […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority wasted no time in quickly responding to the critical Peer Review Report: CA High Speed Rail Authority Responds to Peer Review Their core conclusions: In recommending against proceeding with the high speed rail development “at this time,” the Report ignores many components of the CHRSA’s recent Draft Business Plan […]

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2012 starts off with a bang today as the Peer Review Group released its report on the California High Speed Rail plan. The headline is the most unfortunate recommendation of the report that the legislature delay releasing the Prop 1A bond funds: Until a final version of the 2010 [sic] Business Plan is received, we […]

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