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Back in March two Congressional Republicans – Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin – wrote to Ray LaHood hoping to block a federal loan for the XpressWest project to link Southern California and Southern Nevada with high speed rail. Today Sessions and Ryan released a letter they wrote to the […]

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XpressWest has been waiting to hear from the federal government about their $5.5 billion loan request to help construct the high speed rail project from Victorville to Las Vegas (eventually connecting to Los Angeles via Palmdale). If the lead Republican budget-writers have anything to say about it, however, that loan won’t ever be approved. Last […]

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Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin member of Congress who is best known for his budget proposal that would privatize Social Security and gut Medicare, was announced this morning as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential nominee. Ryan’s hostility to federal spending predictably extends to passenger rail and high speed rail in particular. Ryan has repeatedly voted against Amtrak […]

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