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One of the most common ripostes to the great shift away from driving is that because the decline in vehicle miles traveled has been taking place at the same time as the Great Recession and a weak recovery, it’s not really evidence of a lasting change in American transportation habits. But evidence is mounting that […]

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In recent days several writers and analysts have taken a closer look at Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop and found serious flaws in the proposal. One of these critics is Matt Johnson of Greater Greater Washington who argues the math doesn’t add up: The Hyperloop pods will travel at up to 760 miles per hour, just […]

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Today USPIRG released a new report showing that “the driving boom is over” – we’ve hit peak driving and now we’ll be seeing a long-term shift away from driving. In turn that means we need to be shifting transportation spending away from roads and toward transit and passenger rail, including high speed rail. This blog […]

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Over at the Washington Post’s Wonkblog on Friday Brad Plumer got some attention for a post titled Amtrak loses a ton of money each year. It doesn’t have to. That’s technically true. It doesn’t have to lose a ton of money each year. But so what if it does? The point of transportation isn’t to […]

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