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Another day, another twist in the long-running saga of Peninsula NIMBYs trying to throttle passenger rail forever: California’s high-speed rail project may have left the station last year, when the state Legislature approved funding for the first segment by a single vote, but Palo Alto officials still have plenty of concerns about the locally unpopular […]

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I thought this was a rather amusing story: With a few members declaring themselves unimpressed with the return on their investment in lobbyist Ravi Mehta’s Capitol Advocates firm, the Menlo Park City Council voted 3-1 to terminate his $5,000 a month contract. The city hired the firm in 2010 to help with high-speed rail. Although […]

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Last Thursday night, California High Speed Rail Authority board chairman Dan Richard made a very interesting comment while on a panel discussion about HSR: Before taking the helm of California’s High-Speed Rail Authority, Dan Richard told Gov. Jerry Brown that the plan was “really screwed up and going to end up biting you in the […]

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This just gets more depressing. Richard White, a renowned historian at Stanford University, made a flawed attack on the high speed rail project last spring that had a series of errors and was rooted in flawed evidence. Unfortunately, White has continued to press his attack, this time in a post at Zócalo Public Square titled […]

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