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UC Berkeley environmental law prof Ethan Elkind has been publishing a series of interesting articles on his website recently looking at rail planning in California. His basic thesis is that the ideas that make sense to the transit planners don’t often make it to construction – that the political process intervenes to produce different outcomes. […]

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As I read the reaction today to the recent ruling on California high speed rail, one thing kept coming to mind: It’s quite fitting if you think about it. Someone insists something is dead. That thing isn’t actually dead. But rather than accept that reality, someone decides to kill the thing so that it fits […]

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Last Thursday night, California High Speed Rail Authority board chairman Dan Richard made a very interesting comment while on a panel discussion about HSR: Before taking the helm of California’s High-Speed Rail Authority, Dan Richard told Gov. Jerry Brown that the plan was “really screwed up and going to end up biting you in the […]

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Since at least 2008, Peninsula NIMBYs have seen their salvation in the Altamont Pass alignment. The logic here is that by crossing the bay at Dumbarton, and somehow getting out toward the Tri-Valley area and crossing into the Central Valley at Altamont instead of at Pacheco Pass, there won’t be any high speed trains at […]

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