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It’s no surprise that longtime critics and opponents of the California high speed rail project have seized upon recent setbacks to try and reshape the project in their preferred image. Even though they’ve lost every other political battle, and even though the court case had nothing to do with the route chosen, there remain those […]

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A well-informed population is essential to the proper functioning of a democratic society. Unfortunately, if all you read this week regarding Judge Michael Kenny’s latest decision in the Atherton cases was Mike Rosenberg’s Mercury News article, you would be significantly ill-informed about what the ruling actually held and what it actually means for the California […]

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According to the Merced Sun-Star it just might be: High-speed rail may come to Merced sooner than expected, as the California High Speed Rail Authority will announce today it’s asking for $1.2 billion in funding that was rejected by Florida. If the request is approved, it would mean the first phase of track will run […]

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So far, in terms of their official policy, the cities of Morgan Hill and Gilroy appear to be taking a more sensible approach to the HSR project than their counterparts in Palo Alto (more on them on Wednesday): City officials from Morgan Hill and Gilroy were unable to attend the meeting, but in December the […]

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