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While Robert is out of town (Congratulations to you and your fiancee!), it’s an honor to help fill the big shoes he leaves behind for the time being. I represent the National Association of Railroad Passengers, the only national, membership-based organization that works for better intercity passenger train service in the country. As consumer advocates […]

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I’ve occasionally mentioned that the origin of my support for high speed rail was a trip on Spain’s AVE line from Madrid to Sevilla in 2001, in the context of a broader argument that a surefire way to generate support for rail travel is to put people on a train and show them how useful […]

Apr 30th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

It looks like high speed rail in California is starting to get more attention – especially from conservative op-ed writers. Last week I examined why Dan Walters’ HSR ideas were so flawed. And now Republican legislators are getting in on the HSR-doubter act. Jim Battin is a Republican State Senator representing the 37th district (Riverside […]

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As those of you who have been reading me at Calitics for the last year know, I love high speed rail. And you’d also know that I am deeply skeptical – to put it mildly – of public private partnerships (P3). So what am I to do when they are joined together in a shotgun […]

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