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The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center – better known as ARTIC is nearly complete. This will be the first new station built that will serve high speed rail in California, eventually (San José Diridon and Los Angeles Union Station are already in existence, of course). And it’s grabbing some well deserved attention as workers put […]

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California’s passenger railroads are doing a healthy business, shattering ridership records left and right. High speed trains across the globe routinely have high ridership and cover their operating costs. The independent peer review found the ridership projections for California high speed rail were sound. Yet many critics charge that high speed rail is still some […]

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According to the Sacramento Bee: The latest plan for building a California bullet train system got a very conditional blessing Tuesday from a “peer review committee” of transportation experts. Will Kempton, the veteran transportation official who heads the committee, told a Senate hearing that the latest revision is “measurably improved” from previous versions. “It’s more […]

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Responding to concerns from Orange County elected officials, the California High Speed Rail Authority included language committing to a single-seat ride from San Francisco to Anaheim as part of the new business plan they adopted at yesterday’s meeting. From an Authority press release: The California High-Speed Rail Authority approved the Revised 2012 Business Plan at […]

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