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Sorry for the long delays – been dealing with a sick kid (he’s better now). I’ve got a few other items to cover in upcoming posts this week, but use this as a new discussion thread.

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I have a bunch of open tabs, and the previous post has nearly 500 comments (and I removed the pagination!), so it’s time for a new post. Here’s a bunch of items I haven’t had time to get to yet. Enjoy! • Anaheim continues to debate the value of HSR and ARTIC. While there’s no […]

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Tonight’s season finale of True Detective gave starring roles to the gorgeous Santa Ana train station, the lovely yet controversial ARTIC, and a recreation of the recent first spike ceremony, complete with CHSRA branding. Ultimately the HSR project was little more than the MacGuffin of the season, featuring conspiracies ripped from the most vehemently anti-HSR […]

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Still about 90 minutes left to vote in California, but expect to see the media call the governor’s race for Jerry Brown when the clock strikes 8. And that means Neel Kashkari’s hopes of riding fading anti-HSR sentiment to victory will go down in flames. Regardless of what happens around the country, 2010 should still […]

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