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Apologies for the long gap in posts. I’m not stunned into silence by Trump’s victory – I’ve been waiting for more CA election results so as to post a review of what happened and what it means for HSR. But with 3.4 million ballots left to count, such finality may be a few weeks away. […]

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As Election Day in the USA draws near (and I’ll have a preview of what it might mean for HSR on Monday), let’s take a look around the world at what’s going on with high speed rail: • HSR supporters and opponents debate in Texas, proving that having a privately funded system doesn’t insulate an […]

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Apologies for the long delay in September posts! More topical posts to come next week. In the meantime, enjoy this video of Shinkansen trains. My 2-year old son loves watching train videos on YouTube and this is one of his favorites (I swear I’m not brainwashing him, he genuinely loves trains and especially HSR!):

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Sorry for the long delays – been dealing with a sick kid (he’s better now). I’ve got a few other items to cover in upcoming posts this week, but use this as a new discussion thread.

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