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Well this certainly is an out of the blue yet incredibly welcome surprise: President Barack Obama is about to unveil an ambitious plan for a “21st century clean transportation system.” And he hopes to fund it with a tax on oil. Obama aides told POLITICO that when he releases his final budget request next week, […]

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I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks, and one reason for the delay: the price of oil keeps falling. West Texas crude broke the $30 mark yesterday – as in, it closed below $30 for the first time in over a decade: What’s going on here? Whatever happened to those predictions of […]

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A few years ago it looked likely that we could see oil at $200 a barrel in 2015. Today, prices are rapidly falling, with Goldman Sachs now predicting oil will crash to $70/bbl in 2015. What’s going on? Are we out of the woods of high oil prices? Hardly. This is a temporary respite that, […]

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Britain’s proposed HS2 high speed rail line has been controversial since the Labour government proposed it back in the ’00s. The Conservative Party was skeptical in opposition but has embraced it now that they are in power. The project is moving ahead but, as tends to happen with major projects, cost estimates are rising and […]

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