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The Republican who brought you the bank bailout, Neel Kashkari, wants to be the next governor of California. He’s taking the tried and true Meg Whitman approach, which worked so well that she lost to Jerry Brown by 13 points despite outspending him 7 to 1. He wants to focus on jobs and education, but […]

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The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released a poll today that, among other subjects, asked voters why they voted as they did on Proposition 1A. The results are an interesting gauge of the reasons for public support for HSR, even if the questions are a bit general and lack the level of depth I’d […]

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According to the San Francisco Chronicle holiday travel was unusually light at SFO yesterday – the economic crisis keeping more folks at home? Perhaps people chose to drive to their in-state destinations but as anyone who has tried Interstate 5 around a holiday knows, the two lanes get backed up very fast. It once took […]

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High drama in Santa Clara County, where Measure B now has exactly the 66.67% needed for passage as of Monday afternoon’s update. Measure B is of course the 1/8 cent sales tax increase to help bring BART to downtown San José. In the comments on yesterday’s post peter noted that “the Yes vote right now […]

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