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After Florida Governor Rick Scott controversially killed the state’s plans for true high speed trains in 2011, the private sector jumped in to fill the gap. Since Florida is an excellent place to build bullet trains, as is California, it was an obvious place for companies to try and provide new service. All Aboard Florida […]

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Yesterday the Planning and Conservation League held a daylong symposium on the California Environmental Quality Act. Coming amidst a concerted effort to reform the 43-year old law, the PCL wanted to use the day as an opportunity to rally progressives and environmentalists to defend the status quo and oppose any changes to CEQA. However, the […]

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Ever since the California high speed rail project was approved by voters in November 2008, there has been a desire among some Peninsula residents to bury the entire system in a 40-mile long tunnel running through their communities. As the Belmont Patch reports, that dream still won’t die for some: Imagine a park over 40 […]

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Having been beaten at the ballot box in 2008 and in the state legislature in 2012, California high speed rail opponents are now hoping to have better success in court: Lawsuits are also rolling forward on the individual level. Menlo Park attorney Michael Brady said he filed an amended complaint against the rail authority and […]

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