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Rather than ask a bunch of HSR experts about the reasons why President Obama’s high speed rail plans are struggling (answer: Republicans), the New York Times asked a bunch of HSR critics and opponents. It should be no surprise that the resulting article misses some important points: While Republican opposition and community protests have slowed […]

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Adam Nagourney has been writing extensively about California politics for the New York Times for a few years now. Usually he makes good insights, but sometimes he misses the point entirely. His article yesterday on California high speed rail falls into the latter category. Gov. Jerry Brown of California is riding into an election year […]

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The dominant question of our time, a question that lies at the root of our politics, our economy, and increasingly our society and culture is this: do we abandon a failed status quo to try and build a better future, or are we too scared of trying something new so we instead cling to the […]

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Some days you read something that makes you feel depressed. Someone you respected suddenly writes something that is so lacking in credibility, so wrong on the basic facts, that you wonder what could have possessed them to go so far off the rails. Today I had that experience reading Stanford professor Richard White’s shocking and […]

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