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After trailing on election night, Congressman Jim Costa – a key figure in the development of the California high speed rail project – appears to have finally won re-election: For the second time in the past three elections, Fresno Democrat Jim Costa has rallied from an election night vote deficit to win reelection to Congress. […]

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Since the beginning of 2011, the Republican Party has been in control of the US House of Representatives. One of the effects has been to bring a halt to any new federal high speed rail funding, as House Republicans are vehemently opposed to it. That gave anti-HSR forces in California a big boost, as it […]

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One of the biggest problems California faces, well beyond the issue of high speed rail, is a belief that government spending is all cost and no benefit. One only needs to look at Europe, where austerity is causing profound and insane levels of suffering from Greece to Portugal to Britain to see that government spending […]

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According to the LA Times, “virtually all” of California’s Democratic Congressional delegation signed a letter denouncing the Republican “highway bill” that defunds most forms of mass transit, including high speed rail: As Congress gears up for an unusual fight over a new transportation bill, virtually all of California’s Democratic delegation has come out against the […]

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