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Today the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission approved the so-called “blended plan” that combines high speed rail service and Caltrain electrification, combining $1.5 billion in local funds, state funds (from the Prop 1A bond) and federal funds: Calling it a major “milestone” in Caltrain’s long quest to modernize its system, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission board […]

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Last week the Bay Area Council came out with a new plan for Peninsula HSR that would electrify Caltrain, bring HSR to the Transbay Terminal, and have the Metropolitan Transportation Commission oversee the process. This week the plan appears to be gathering momentum: “That’s part of what prompted us to consider getting involved,” said Adrienne […]

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In what is a significant development in the debate over how to build high speed rail on the Peninsula, the Bay Area Council has written to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission calling on the MTC to take the lead in developing a “hybrid” plan to both electrify Caltrain and bring high speed rail to the Transbay […]

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Although I wasn’t able to attend, by the accounts I’ve heard and read, yesterday’s Friends of Caltrain summit in San Carlos was a very worthwhile event that has at least sharpened the discussion about the options available for saving this vital service. Before discussing some of the possible funding sources, it’s worth taking a moment […]

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