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The California High Speed Rail Authority is hosting a couple of meetings this week to discuss various segments of the HSR route. First up is a meeting in Shafter on Wednesday, September 23, from 4-7 pm in the Shafter Veterans Hall. The topic there will be the proposed route in and around the city of […]

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Yesterday CHSRA CEO Roelof van Ark visited Gilroy and met with city council members from both Gilroy and Morgan Hill to discuss the HSR project. Among the news that was broken at the meeting: the CHSRA will pay for the cost of both stations AND parking garages. More from the Gilroy Dispatch: After the CEO […]

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It’s not every day that a city’s decision to spend $150,000 to study the best route for the high speed rail project makes news. But it did make news tonight that the Gilroy City Council, in a vote seen by many as a key decision whether Gilroy will continue to support involvement in the HSR […]

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So far, in terms of their official policy, the cities of Morgan Hill and Gilroy appear to be taking a more sensible approach to the HSR project than their counterparts in Palo Alto (more on them on Wednesday): City officials from Morgan Hill and Gilroy were unable to attend the meeting, but in December the […]

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