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Three years after filing a frivolous lawsuit against the California High Speed Rail Authority, two years after they largely lost that case, and one year after they failed to get it reopened, a group of Peninsula cities are once again in court to block the project. The same judge, Michael Kenny of Sacramento Superior Court, […]

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Some of the cities that will benefit most from high speed rail will be those in between the major cities. Fresno, Merced, and Bakersfield will all be transformed into important, prosperous cities tied into the job markets of Southern California and the Bay Area with high speed rail. Those cities, with high unemployment rates and […]

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Busy day here, and my train-related thoughts are currently occupied with a meeting this evening at Monterey City Hall on the debate between building light rail or bus rapid transit along the Monterey Branch Line from Castroville to Monterey. I’ll be speaking in favor of a light rail solution, as that’s likely to generate more […]

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by Rafael Conventional wisdom has it that HSR in California equals long-distance trains from Northern to Southern California. However, just because trains can cross mountains doesn’t mean that passengers will always want to. More often than not, their origin and destination will lie in the same region, i.e. Bay Area, Central Valley or Southern California. […]

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