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According to the American Lung Association, 8 of the nation’s 10 most polluted cities are in California. And 6 of those are in the Central Valley. What they all have in common is a dependence on the automobile, a situation that a bullet train powered by 100% renewable electricity would certainly help matters. The list, […]

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The California Labor Federation is launching a statewide tour on Tuesday in support of the high speed rail project – and the Democratic politicians that support it. The Good Jobs Express (PDF link) will hit five locations along the route of the HSR project this week, with public events to show that Californians want the […]

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I had a nagging feeling that yesterday’s post on Richard Florida’s article in The New Republic, “The Roadmap to a High Speed Recovery”, was too short. And judging by the reactions in the comments, the role of HSR in 21st century economic prosperity needs to be more thoroughly explained – as do Florida’s own ideas. […]

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by Rafael Note from Robert: This is one in a series of posts from Rafael thinking about different ways that we could route California HSR. It should be noted that the Merced-Fresno Alternatives Analysis has some very clear options on how to deal with much of this segment, although north of Merced is less settled […]

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