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One of the most common things we’ve found around the world with high speed rail is that it is very, very successful at attracting riders to switch from flying between two points to the train. Despite deeply ignorant claims that because Southwest Airlines offers cheap flights, we don’t need HSR, the evidence indicates that HSR […]

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I’ve been meaning to get to this article for a few days now, and though our friends at Trains for America and The Overhead Wire have mentioned it, I hope you won’t mind if I bring up the rear, so to speak. Air France is looking into entering the HSR business when the EU deregulates […]

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Today’s Mercury News provides an in-depth look at Mineta San José Airport expansion and asks whether it will be a “waste” as the price of oil leads to dramatic cuts in flights and services: With the airline industry in disarray amid the startling rise in oil prices, new questions are emerging about the impact on […]

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