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The LA Times today has a closer look at Metrolink ridership, which has stagnated in recent years and is still below its 2008 peak: They also note that downtown Los Angeles — the predominant destination for Metrolink commuters — is undergoing a residential renaissance but has faded as an employment center. “Ridership should be growing […]

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Service changes on the LOSSAN corridor are apparently afoot. Dana Gabbard at Streetsblog LA has the scoop on the possibility that Metrolink is looking at service to San Diego – a corridor that is already served by the Pacific Surfliners. According to Gabbard: The report presented at the Oct. 17th Planning and programming Committee contains […]

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Late last week Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills that could reorganize operations on two Amtrak California routes, allowing the creation of a Joint Powers Authority along the lines of the authority that governs the Capitol Corridor. AB 1779, pertaining to the San Joaquins route, and SB 1225 for the LOSSAN corridor where the Pacific […]

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High speed rail from Las Vegas to Los Angeles – and perhaps the main route from SF to LA – got a big boost last week when DesertXpress and Metro signed letters to jointly plan and support high speed rail from Palmdale to Victorville. That segment is the missing link between the current DesertXpress project, […]

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