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Yesterday we wrote about the need to restore majority rule for transit funding votes in California. The new Democratic supermajority may be headed down that path. State Senator Carol Liu of Pasadena has announced that she is proposing a constitutional amendment to lower the threshold for a local transit tax from 2/3 to 55%: Senator […]

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Tomorrow is Election Day across America, and although it’s not on the ballot, the outcome of any number of races will impact the future of high speed rail and mass transit in California. Here are some of the races that matter most: President of the United States – Barack Obama has been an indispensable supporter […]

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I saw Matt Yglesias’s post on Los Angeles’s transit expansion get passed around a lot online yesterday. It seems as if everybody’s writing their “omg LA is building huge amounts of transit!” post, and that’s great, it helps sustain momentum for more rail and shifts the view of LA away from being car-dependent. Maybe that […]

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