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And by “funny” I actually mean “not remotely funny at all.” Dennis Wyatt of the Manteca Bulletin has criticized the high speed rail project before, and this blog has pointed out the numerous flaws with those criticisms. He’s at it again this week with an op-ed that I could not resist reading, especially with the […]

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Back in August, Manteca Bulletin managing editor Dennis Wyatt attacked the California High Speed Rail project, claiming that nobody would ride the trains and therefore it wasn’t a sound investment. This blog did the usual demolition job on this HSR denial, pointing out the numerous ways that the evidence disproved Wyatt’s assumptions. Unfortunately for Manteca […]

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California’s unemployment rate has been above 11% for the last two years. Places like Manteca having been hit the hardest – San Joaquin County’s unemployment rate is 16.7%. The damage was done in 2008, when the economy shrank by 3.7% in the 3rd quarter and by a shocking 8.9% in the 4th quarter. And the […]

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As HSR supporters across the political spectrum continue speaking out about the project’s merits, as the project gathers momentum with the selection of a Fresno-Bakersfield segment for the first use of $5.5 billion in construction funding, HSR critics are getting increasingly desperate. Dennis Wyatt, managing editor for the Manteca Bulletin published one of the most […]

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