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It’s been a long discussion spanning many years…and still no resolution on where the HSR maintenance facility will be built: The city of Fresno is presenting a 200-acre parcel bordered by Cedar to the west, train tracks to the east, and American to the north as the ideal place to put a heavy maintenance facility. […]

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Now that we know one of the two Central Valley HSR segments will be built first, discussion is emerging as to which segment should receive the state and federal funding. In last week’s Modesto Bee, Merced County Supervisor John Pedrozo makes the case for Merced-Fresno based on five points: First, the project already plans for […]

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In the Sunday Open Thread I mentioned that Kern County could get thousands of jobs from a high speed rail maintenance hub were it located at Wasco or Shafter. Perhaps as a reflection of the importance of those jobs in a county with a 15.7% unemployment rate, Kern County is working hard to land the […]

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Some quick HSR-related items for your weekend: • Burlingame votes against joining the newest HSR lawsuit, after hearing legal advice indicating the suit had little chance of success. Kudos to Burlingame for being open to a more constructive approach – they’re not happy with the proposals either, but recognize that a lawsuit will accomplish nothing […]

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