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Japan has built a 27-mile long maglev test track in Yamanashi Prefecture, and last week began running a series of new tests with passengers. These trains achieved speeds of 500 km/h, or just above 300 miles per hour. The BBC sent a camera crew to record one of the journeys, which included winners of a […]

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Despite the promising headline I gave this post, the details are not quite as rosy. The Japanese government is busy building a maglev line to connect Tokyo to Osaka. But they also are under pressure – unnecessary but very real – to make money off this technology. So Japan is trying to pitch American governments […]

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Japan has had high speed rail for nearly 50 years, and an extensive national network for decades. That allows them to look to the next generation of high speed service – maglev. Last week Japan resumed maglev testing at speeds of 310 miles an hour: Central Japan Railway Co. plans to begin work on the […]

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In 2010 and 2011 there were a lot of tense discussions in the San Gabriel Valley regarding a possible high speed rail alignment, with concerns in cities such as Alhambra and Rosemead about losing homes to a rail route. (See here for a bit of background.) This past week, the Southern California Association of Governments […]

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