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One of the most successful high speed rail systems in the world is Spain’s Alta Velocidad Española, or AVE for short. Operated by RENFE, Spain’s public rail service, the AVE trains debuted in 1992 connecting Madrid to Sevilla. In 2008 the long-awaited Madrid to Barcelona route opened and within two years took over half the […]

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Just as the country celebrated the death of its most wanted criminal, Osama bin Laden, it learned that he was speculating about an attack on the American rail system: One idea outlined in handwritten notes was to tamper with an unspecified U.S. rail track so that a train would fall off the track at a […]

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Today’s New York Times offers a closer look at Spain’s HSR success, with a reporter filing her story from the AVE: Two years ago, nearly 90 percent of the six million people traveling between Madrid and Barcelona went by air. But early this year the number of train travelers on the route surpassed fliers. The […]

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In his remarks yesterday in Tampa, President Obama mentioned that one benefit of HSR: no need to take off your shoes in security. Makes sense, right? Not if you’re Politico’s Josh Gerstein, who wrote about the topic yesterday. He wondered why rail security is “so much more lax” than at airports, and used a post […]

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