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The anti-HSR folks are all riled up about the process used to evaluate the bids for the Central Valley segment. Ralph Vartabedian and Elizabeth Alexis have teamed up to generate this controversy, as seen in this LA Times article: State high-speed rail officials acknowledged Thursday that they changed their rules for selecting a builder for […]

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I was wondering when the LA Times’ anti-HSR reporter Ralph Vartabedian would swoop in to gloat over Quentin Kopp’s vehement opposition to the blended plan. Well, tonight he finally got around to the story: In his declaration, Kopp says that the bullet train business plan approved last year by the authority violates several voter-imposed requirements, […]

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Over at the excellent California Economic Summit blog Niki Woodard argues that there has been a notable shift in the media coverage of the California high speed rail project – that “hostility and doom” has been replaced with “a melodious tenor of optimism”: Have you noticed that news headlines seem to be taking a friendlier […]

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Our old friend Ralph Vartabedian is at it again, spinning yet another article biased against the California high speed rail project. This time it’s his claim that the state is late to begin purchasing right-of-way for the Madera-Fresno high speed rail construction segment: Construction of California’s high-speed rail network is supposed to start in just […]

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