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Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday – been busy all day with the California Democratic Party’s Executive Board Meeting here in sunny, beautiful San Diego. Some news from the southwestern corner of the nation: I had the chance to interview Janice Hahn, LA City Council member and candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2010. […]

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While the Peninsula NIMBYs tend to get the most attention from HSR advocates, the fact is that there are NIMBYs across California. It’s not a phenomenon unique to the Bay Area. The NIMBYism we’re seeing on the Peninsula is generated by a desire among those who benefited from the late 20th century model of land […]

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by Rafael Dave Schwab reports in the LaJolla Light that CHSRA has postponed the Sep 29 project-level scoping meeting in University City to the following date and time: University City, Tue Oct. 13, 3-7pmLawrence Family Jewish Community Center4126 Executive Drive There will be two additional scoping meetings held in the San Diego area: San Diego: […]

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by Rafael One of the objectives of the California HSR project is to provide effective connections to existing airports. This should allow airlines to offer connecting train journeys for their long-distance flights. It is also supposed to make secondary airports more attractive to air travelers, but success will depend heavily on getting the last mile […]

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