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Great news from the Public Policy Institute of California, which has a new poll out on various political issues in California. The poll shows that a clear majority of Californians continue to support high speed rail: Today, when read a description of the system and its $68 billion price tag, 53 percent favor it and […]

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The Republican who brought you the bank bailout, Neel Kashkari, wants to be the next governor of California. He’s taking the tried and true Meg Whitman approach, which worked so well that she lost to Jerry Brown by 13 points despite outspending him 7 to 1. He wants to focus on jobs and education, but […]

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I’ve always assumed that one of the endgames for Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to use $250 million in cap-and-trade funds for high speed rail would be that the Legislature would demand some sort of trade in exchange for approving the request. Sure enough, that’s what may well happen: One of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed solutions, […]

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The California high speed rail project will face two related tasks in 2014: resolving the lawsuit that ended in a Sacramento judge ordering changes to the financing plan, and starting construction on the project’s first segment near Fresno. But to do those things, California will have to spend 2014 starting to blaze its own trail […]

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