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The Legislative Analyst’s Office is out with a new report that suggests actual cap-and-trade revenues will be well above the conservative estimates made in the Governor’s budget proposal: Based on our analysis of different factors (such as prior auctions and studies that projected future allowance prices), we consider the moderate-revenue scenario the most likely of […]

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The Legislative Analyst’s Office is a good source for statistical analysis of the state budget. If you want to know the potential financial impact of a particular proposal, or how much revenue a new tax might bring in, or what the state’s long-term debt looks like, they’re likely to give you good, informative answers. But […]

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One of the more troubling elements of the flawed Legislative Analyst Report on high speed rail was its attack on HSR’s role in reducing California’s carbon emissions. The LAO claimed that HSR would actually not be very helpful in achieving those reductions. But as we’ll see, the LAO’s claims here are flawed: Given these considerations, […]

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That headline is merely the logical extension of today’s report from the Legislative Analyst’s Office recommending that the Legislature follow the lead of right-wing states like Wisconsin and Florida and throw away $3.5 billion in federal stimulus money by refusing to fund high speed rail construction this year. The reason the LAO gives, that “funding […]

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