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San Francisco Chronicle architecture columnist John King writes today of an ambitious state planning project known as Vision California. The project is intended to provide a holistic, statewide model of growth scenarios, with an emphasis on how high speed rail will change the state’s growth and land use patterns. It is co-funded by the California […]

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San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association – SPUR – is one of the leading and most respected urban planning organizations in the state. And now they have offered an excellent overview of the case for Prop 1A and some excellent rebuttals of the HSR deniers: The high-speed train system is well planned and long […]

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Michael Cabanatuan’s article on Prop 1A in today’s San Francisco Chronicle is one of the best articles I’ve seen from the media on high speed rail – partly because he doesn’t just play the “he said, she said” game where someone from the oil company funded Reason Foundation spouts off a bunch of numbers and […]

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Menlo Park and Atherton, two of the most affluent cities in the entire state, apparently believe it is their right to make decisions for the other 36 million people in California. At a study session last night in Menlo Park city officials and residents spouted off reasons why HSR was a bad idea for California […]

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