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Adam Nagourney has been writing extensively about California politics for the New York Times for a few years now. Usually he makes good insights, but sometimes he misses the point entirely. His article yesterday on California high speed rail falls into the latter category. Gov. Jerry Brown of California is riding into an election year […]

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In an attempt to undermine the California high speed rail project Congressional Republicans, led by the Central Valley’s Kevin McCarthy and Jeff Denham, sought a review of the project by the federal General Accounting Office. Their hope was that the GAO would find all kinds of major problems with the project that they could use […]

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California voters and their legislators have approved the high speed rail project and construction will begin this summer. But that isn’t stopping Congressional Republicans, led by Central Valley representatives Jeff Denham and Kevin McCarthy, from trying to kill the project, as Dan Walters explains: Denham questioned why California had not sought approval of the project […]

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Some Bakersfield residents, opposed to the current plan to bring bullet trains into central Bakersfield, are arguing for pause on the EIR for that portion of the route. Their argument is that the planning is flawed – but they’re only saying that because they just don’t want a downtown train station: A kind of “time […]

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