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A group of downtown Bakersfield businesses are planning to let the City Council know that they want a downtown HSR station – and that they’d ride the train several times a year if it were built: Downtown Business Association officials said Tuesday that they will speak to the Bakersfield City Council at its Sept. 11 […]

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Lois Henry at the Bakersfield Californian suggests in a recent column that the contentious decision about a Bakersfield high speed rail alignment might get punted: The California High Speed Rail Authority will consider a recommendation by staff members at its June 6 monthly meeting to approve a rail alignment and station locations between Fresno and […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority has confirmed that it will select the Hanford West alignment for the high speed rail tracks in that area: The route would be below-grade, meaning it will run under main streets and not require new overpasses. It would run mostly along a line just east of 13th Avenue before […]

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The Bakersfield Californian, Kern County’s main daily newspaper, has a great editorial out calling on local elected officials to drop their recent opposition to the high speed rail project and instead work together to ensure Kern County reaps the benefits. The whole thing is worth a read, so I’ll just offer a few choice excerpts: […]

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