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On Friday Speaker John A. Pérez appointed Thea Selby of San Francisco to fill Tom Umberg’s newly vacant seat on the California High Speed Rail Authority board. Selby is a longtime transit advocate, having been involved in the San Francisco Transit Riders Union for many years as well as serving on the advisory board to […]

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Yesterday’s announcement of a coalition to make reforms to the California Environmental Quality Act was bound to be controversial. As it turns out, several dozen Democrats in the state legislature had been aware of some reform proposals and had already circulated a letter opposing rewriting of the law. Dated August 16, but released today, the […]

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A coalition of organizations led by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group held a press conference today to announce proposals to reform the California Environmental Quality Act. The sensible proposals are focused on ensuring the law is used to protect the environment rather than used to stop projects for other reasons, preserving CEQA’s original intent instead […]

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Today was high speed rail day in the State Capitol in Sacramento, with both an Assembly and a Senate hearing on Governor Jerry Brown’s request to uphold the will of the voters and fund HSR construction in 2012. The Assembly hearings made it clear that the Democratic leadership there is strongly in support of the […]

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