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Amtrak ridership is at record highs, so how do Republicans react? By calling for the trains to be privatized. But despite their ideological claims, privatization won’t do much at all to improve service on the trains, a lesson that we should heed as we move ahead with high speed rail. Wine tasting on the Coast […]

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Florida Republican John Mica, who chairs the House Transportation Committee, has spent most of 2011 pushing a plan to privatize the Northeast Corridor, home to the profitable Amtrak Acela. Yesterday he made a surprising flip-flop and now is willing to let Amtrak keep the NEC: But the big news was the change in Mica’s attitude […]

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Two significant announcements from the White House today could have an impact on the California high speed rail project. The first is President Barack Obama’s call for a “clean” extension of the expired transportation bill: As part of an effort to spur additional job creation, the Obama administration will push Congress to keep surface transportation […]

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For the fourth year in a row I’m at the Netroots Nation convention, held this year in Minneapolis. It’s my first time in the Midwest, and I’m enjoying it here so far. Of course, it also means I’m busy, so posting is a bit more sporadic than usual. I did get a chance to speak […]

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