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After trailing on election night, Congressman Jim Costa – a key figure in the development of the California high speed rail project – appears to have finally won re-election: For the second time in the past three elections, Fresno Democrat Jim Costa has rallied from an election night vote deficit to win reelection to Congress. […]

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For the fourth year in a row I’m at the Netroots Nation convention, held this year in Minneapolis. It’s my first time in the Midwest, and I’m enjoying it here so far. Of course, it also means I’m busy, so posting is a bit more sporadic than usual. I did get a chance to speak […]

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Sorry for the silence over the last few days – I’ve been here in Las Vegas at Netroots Nation, a national convention of us crazy progressive bloggers. You’ll be happy to know that it has been a very valuable and eventful conference, with some important HSR-related news emerging here. Yesterday, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood […]

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