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The population of Uzbekistan is 27 million. Its GDP is $85 billion, or about $3,000 per person. The population of the United States is 310 million. Its GDP is over $14 trillion (world’s largest), or about $47,000 per person. Which country just opened a 150mph high speed rail line connecting two of its main cities? […]

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So Jerry Brown will indeed return for a third term as governor of California. The high speed rail project will be in good hands – and we’re going to be very interested to learn what he plans to do about implementing it. The most important news for HSR, however, is Republican capture of the House […]

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At least once a day I do a Google news search for california high speed rail and then just plain old high speed rail (I also get daily Google News alerts, which are also useful). In recent weeks the searches have rarely turned up new material and so sometimes, I admit it, I have to […]

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