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Darrell Issa, a Republican Congressman from San Diego County, has decided to launch a politically-motivated investigation into the high speed rail project: Rep. Darrell Issa has launched a probe into the California high-speed rail project, asking for the preservation of documents that relate to federal funding for the project. The Oversight and Government Reform Committee […]

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You would think that a plan to build high speed rail that is $30 billion cheaper than the previous iteration and provides desperately needed post-oil travel between California’s metropolitan areas sooner would be one that HSR critics would embrace. Instead, the usual suspects are lining up to attack Governor Jerry Brown’s revisions to the high […]

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This is big news – the California High Speed Rail Authority, Caltrain, and local governments have reached a deal to split the costs and fund Caltrain electrification and the downtown extension. This would not only provide a major, long-awaited set of improvements to Caltrain, it would help bring high speed rail service to SF and […]

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Right-wing Republican Assemblymember Diane Harkey, from southern Orange County, is once again trying to kill high speed rail with a bill in the legislature: AB 1455, the High-Speed Rail Lemon Law, was introduced by Harkey in January and several counties and cities across the state have already voted to support it. When initially introduced, Peninsula […]

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