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Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was in Sacramento recently, and talked to the Sacramento Bee editorial board about high speed rail. Why was he in Sacramento? I’ll let him explain… What brings you to town? I am meeting with Gov. Jerry Brown and High Speed Rail chief executive Jeff Morales. I want to thank the […]

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US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx today reiterated federal support for the California high speed rail project: Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx told the High Speed Rail Summit that the hundred million new U.S. residents expected by the year 2050 will overwhelm the nation’s transportation systems. And as long as we’re going to add rail capacity, […]

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We know that high speed rail has strong support from the Obama Administration. Both President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden made it a part of their 2008 campaign and have returned to it several times in office. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has taken a lead role in helping support HSR projects around the country. […]

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High speed rail has many things going for it. Public support, decades of proven success around the world, economic logic, environmental benefit, safety and benefit to travelers are just some of the many reasons why HSR makes so much sense for California. But there are two things HSR absolutely needs to become reality: money and […]

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