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It’s really unfortunate that more members of the media don’t call out people like Jeff Denham when they make misleading statements like this: Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) said that if California can’t find $55 billion its high-speed rail project is a “pipe dream.” “The California High Speed Rail Authority faces a $55 billion funding gap […]

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On Wednesday Representative Jeff Denham and State Senator Andy Vidak called for a new public vote on high speed rail in a Sacramento Bee op-ed. Their arguments were full of the usual flaws, the most important of which is Denham’s omission that he has been waging war against HSR since the day he was sworn […]

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One of the very first things Jeff Denham did when he got to Congress in January 2011 was to defund the California high speed rail project. In March 2011 he published an op-ed in the Modesto Bee justifying his attack on the project using a series of flawed and easily debunked criticisms about the project’s […]

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Representative Jeff Denham is facing another strong challenge to his Congressional seat in the Central Valley this year. As well he should. After winning the seat in 2010 by passing himself off as a moderate, Denham proceeded to swing hard to the right in the House. One of the ways he did this was by […]

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