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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting the United States this week, and his trip began in California. According to the Wall Street Journal, a big part of his California stop is to act as the “salesman-in-chief” for Japan’s high speed rail in the hopes that California will choose it for its own HSR project. Abe […]

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Japan has built a 27-mile long maglev test track in Yamanashi Prefecture, and last week began running a series of new tests with passengers. These trains achieved speeds of 500 km/h, or just above 300 miles per hour. The BBC sent a camera crew to record one of the journeys, which included winners of a […]

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50 years ago today – October 1, 1964 – the first commercial high speed rail service began in Japan when the Shinkansen opened between Tokyo and Osaka. The rest of the world has been trying to catch up ever since. It will surprise nobody that the Shinkansen, today widely regarded as a stunning success, faced […]

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Despite the promising headline I gave this post, the details are not quite as rosy. The Japanese government is busy building a maglev line to connect Tokyo to Osaka. But they also are under pressure – unnecessary but very real – to make money off this technology. So Japan is trying to pitch American governments […]

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