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Although I wasn’t able to attend, by the accounts I’ve heard and read, yesterday’s Friends of Caltrain summit in San Carlos was a very worthwhile event that has at least sharpened the discussion about the options available for saving this vital service. Before discussing some of the possible funding sources, it’s worth taking a moment […]

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An open thread for this last Saturday in January. I’m unable to attend the Friends of Caltrain summit in San Carlos today, but already I’ve heard via Eric of Transbay Blog that Congresswoman Jackie Speier has committed to being “front and center” in supporting a dedicated Caltrain tax. As I’ve written before, that’s probably the […]

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Looks like it’s Caltrain day here at the California High Speed Rail Blog. With Caltrain’s fiscal issues getting more attention, their electrification plan is – rightly, as I’ve argued – being touted as a long-term solution to Caltrain’s problems. As such, the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board is moving quickly to finalize its electrification plans, […]

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