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One aspect of the HSR project that we have so far paid little attention to on this blog is how the new service will be integrated with the existing Los Angeles Union Station. This terminal station with its iconic waiting room was built on a spur off the main line along the Los Angeles river […]

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Peter Nelson attended the California High Speed Rail Authority Board Meeting in San José on Wednesday and filed this report. The agenda is here and Peter has organized his report according to each item. Scroll down for some media files – an MP3 of the CHSRA lobbyist’s report on federal funding prospects, and a PPT […]

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You may have noticed a new addition to the blogroll at right – the Caltrain HSR Compatibility Blog. It’s a fantastic site run by Clem, who lives on the Peninsula and is an expert on the Caltrain (and now HSR corridor). His blog provides some very detailed discussions of the HSR route between SF and […]

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Steve Hymon, who runs the Bottleneck Blog for the LA Times, expressed some skepticism about whether the SF-LA line will be open by 2018, as a Daily Cal article reported. Hymon writes: Not to be a grumpy bear on this — I know there’s a lot of people that want to see the trains up […]

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