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This week we learned that the Hyperloop might go into actual service not in California, not in Nevada…but in Dubai. And it might not carry passengers, instead it would carry cargo. Which is fine. Whatever. More power to ’em. But this is further evidence that the Hyperloop is not nearly ready for prime time for […]

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Not only is the Hyperloop a fantasy idea with severe technical and political impediments to ever getting built – the main company working on the project is facing major lawsuits alleging the company is rife with “nepotism, waste, and assault”: How the relationship between the leading investor and the founding chief executive of Hyperloop Technologies […]

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The Hyperloop is back in the news in a big way. A company calling itself Hyperloop One built a “test track” in the desert outside of Las Vegas and successfully tested a device on a track: The 700 mph #Hyperloop just got one step closer to reality. @HyperloopOne held its first test run. — CNBC […]

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Josh Stephens has a really interesting take on the Hyperloop at the California Planning and Development Report. He points out that most of the hype comes from people who are comparing to other Elon Musk projects and neglecting to consider that, like any other terrestrial infrastructure project, it still needs a right of way: Hyperloop […]

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