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The fine folks at California Rail Map, led by Alfred Twu, have put together this amazing route map of a North American high speed rail network: This is an ambitious map. And that’s exactly as it should be. It’s based on existing proposals from HSR advocacy groups across North America, as well as on existing […]

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According to Stanford history professor and high speed rail opponent Richard White, HSR and the transcontinental railroads are exactly the same thing: High-speed rail in California has just gone through its latest devolution. It has become a lesser version of itself without shedding its greatest problems: It has no clear source of funding; it cannot […]

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Last week Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills in Los Angeles designed to help get a new NFL stadium built near LA Live and Staples Center. The two bills, AB 900 and SB 292, provide for expedited review of lawsuits brought under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) against certain kinds of infrastructure projects or […]

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In the aftermath of the Wenzhou crash, where two Chinese high speed trains collided after a lighting strike caused a signal to fail, the Chinese high speed rail system has been coming under intense domestic scrutiny for its perceived safety lapses. In response to public pressure, the Chinese government this week announced it is dropping […]

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