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by Rafael the recent Initial Ruling on Atherton v. CHSRA underscored yet again that lines on a map are not at all the same thing as deeds to rights of way. The judge essentially signaled that the level of risk of eminent domain takings needs to be quantified at the program level, i.e. factor into […]

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“High-speed rail opponents hope to shed ‘NIMBY’ image” is the headline of a San Jose Mercury News article examining the attitudes of a handful of people along the Peninsula toward the HSR project, and their lobbying efforts up in Sacramento. I find it interesting that they realize “NIMBY” is something they don’t want to be […]

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Over the last few months the debate on the Peninsula over high speed rail has been dominated by lots of myths, misunderstandings, and in some cases, deliberate obfuscation of the truth. As far as I can tell it’s a simple issue – some residents believe their property values are more important than the state’s efforts […]

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On Monday the Ventura County Star ran a good article on high speed rail. That prompted on Daniel Goldberg, who writes a blog for the VC Star’s website, to write one of the silliest pieces of HSR denial I’ve ever seen. Even though it’s absurd on its face, it’s worth deconstructing these arguments which are […]

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