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Back in July it emerged that XpressWest’s federal loan application was being put on hold owing largely to concerns that the project would not meet federal Buy America rules. Nevada Senator Harry Reid vowed to work to save the project, and according to a radio interview he gave in Nevada last week, he is still […]

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Nevada Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is pledging that “it’s not over yet” when it comes to the XpressWest high speed rail project: Sen. Harry Reid will be doing some shuttle diplomacy with the White House next week to get things moving on a suspended federal loan application for the XpressWest high-speed rail […]

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Last week we learned that two leading Congressional Republicans were trying to block approval of a $5.5 billion federal loan for the XpressWest high speed rail project that would connect Las Vegas to Victorville and eventually serve Los Angeles. This week, both of Nevada’s U.S. Senators – including Republican Dean Heller – rose to defend […]

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The latest Business Plan for the California high speed rail project is due to be released in October, and there’s a lot riding on it. Many legislators have declared that the Plan has to show a viable path forward for the project, particularly its financing, or else they might be interested in pulling the plug. […]

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