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by Rafael The LA Times has published an article on Metrolink’s safety record, charting the 244 grade crossings deaths on its far-flung network over the past 15 years. On average, that works out to more than one a month. Source: LA Times Sep 26 2009 While it is true that Metrolink has suffered safety lapses, […]

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So the Peninsula is having a hard time making up its mind – do they dislike above-grade tracks more than they dislike the loud horns that are an inherent part of at-grade passenger rail? It’s not just you — Caltrain’s horns are indeed louder and the transit agency is working hard to tweak its “toots” […]

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There is an unfolding and horrifying story coming out of Palo Alto that directly impacts not only the high speed rail project, but the whole community. In the last two months two students at Gunn High School have committed suicide by throwing themselves in front of passing Caltrains. Last night passersby helped stop a third […]

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One of the most unfortunate parts of the debate on the Caltrain/HSR project on the Peninsula is the lack of accurate information. NIMBYs and other project opponents have already convinced many people that an above-grade solution would be a sort of “Berlin Wall” through the city, and Jim McFall’s video reinforces that errant conclusion. The […]

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